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The Sherpa Kitchen located at the premises of Base Camp Brewart in SE Portland is the new addition to the Portland food-truck scene. Finding that a city so diversed culturally as Portland did not have a decent eatery to satisfy the taste bud of the Himalayan food lovers, Mingma T Sherpa, with twelve year long culinary experience of from the Le Cordon Blue College of Culinary Arts, came up with the to start a Himalayan eatery. In October 2017 with his friend Jangbu Sherpa Mingma had the Sherpa Ktichen open. Hailing from Nepal and having worked as a guide in the Himalayan mountains in Nepal and Tibet the menu Mingma presents at the Sherpa Kitchen features momo (Himalayan style dumpling that has delighted the Himalayan palate for generations) served with variety of sauces prepared from Mingma’s own secret recepies and Daal Bhaat Tarkaari ( rice with lentil soup with sauted vegetable – a favorite and staple food of Nepali people) prepared with special spices from Nepal. More to Momo and Daal Bhaat, Bhutteko Thukpa (fried noodle) is a special addition in the Sherpa Kitchen that takes minutes to prepare and bring quick comfort to your palate. Not just to sastisfy your longing for Himalayan food, if you are mountain lover, Sherpa Kitchen is also a place frequent to get to know about Sherpa people, who are reknowed for their mountaineering skill, and the Himalaya mountains. The owners of Sherpa Kitchen both of them having worked as mountain guides may have a lot of stories from the Himalayas to share awaiting you at the Sherpa Kitchen!

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“ Yum! I am not an adventurous eater by any means but I loved this food. We had the edamame and also a noodle dish, not sure of the name as my dad went outside to order the food. Everything was fresh, delicious, and made very quickly! Even my 11 month old loved the noodles which were very flavorful. Nice owners too, very helpful!”

Brittany S., Customer